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The amount of light your Kokedamas can tolerate depends on the plant you have. However, in general, your plants will like bright, indirect light. Unless your kokedama is succulent, keep it out of direct sunlight.



Place into a container of room temperature water about a quarter of the way up the ball. Let soak for 15 minutes. Remove and give a little squeeze to release excess water. Then place the ball on a waterproof surface. Frequency depends on the plant and its environment, but typically every 7-10 days will do the trick. If your moss ball is lightweight and firm, it’s a good indication that it needs water. Keep in mind that every plant is different. Some like to dry out, while others prefer to stay moist.

  • do you ship plants?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer shipping at this time. It is something we would love to be able to do in the future so please check back for updates.
  • do you offer customized product?
    Yes! Craftmossphere specializes in unique, artistic one-of-a-kind creations and we are happy to customize for your needs whether it be residential, commercial or workshops and events specifically tailored to your liking. Please contact Rachel to get the ball rolling!
  • so is everything real?
    Everything at Craftmossphere is 100% real. From our plants to our dried flowers and preserved moss.
  • do you do events?
    Absolutely! Just be sure to get in touch with us early enough so that we can plan and tailor everything to suit your particular needs.
  • where do you get your plants?
    We get our plants from local wholesale nurseries.
  • what payment options do you offer?
    Cash (yes we still accept this ancient form of payment) or credit/debit (American Express, Visa, Matercard, Discover PayPal and Apple Pay).
  • do you do workshops?
    Yes! We currently have three different workshops that we offer - Preserved Moss Art, Kokedama and Plant Mounting. Check out ourworkshop page for more information!
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