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At Craftmossphere, you’ll find truly unique artwork. Locally made products made with plants, moss, and natural elements. No matter the size or type of space you want to decorate, our interesting mix of handcrafted items can add natural ambiance.

Dropped these little lovelies off to _shoproyalie this afternoon for all our Oceanside friends. Get


An ancient form of bonsai, these mossy orbs are called Kokedama and are quickly gaining notice. Dating back to the Edo Era in Japan, Craftmossphere puts a modern twist on this time-honored artform.

Moss Art

Make a statement in every room of your home! At Craftmossphere, the sky’s the limit when it comes to unique artwork. Our distinctive designs will give you a plenty of stylish opportunities to add personality to your space. Mix and match texture and patterns to suit your palate, or email Craftmossphere for a custom piece made just for you.

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Aaaand more copper leaf 😂 I warned you.....jpgit's my thing at the moment.jpgAn awesome neighbor br

Taking Care

How to keep your new friend alive and well.

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See where we will be next! We do shows and markets all around the county.

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Green Plant


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